Keepers Red Letter Sale 2020

We really got alot of publicity over the past 2 weekends. Alot of people who gave us a try have actually never heard about us / tried our gelato before.... Thank you so much for all your efforts in organising events like these for us! Really appreciate all the hard work behind it!!

Ingrid Lim, Co-founder of Butterknife Folk

Overall happy with the event. We would however need a larger space as we were struggling to accommodate the crowd and the stocks. In this instance the entire room would be the minimum space for us in future editions. All in all very happy with the organisation and turnout. Great job! Thank you!

Benny Chee, Founder of Anothersole

Shopped, played and snapped away we definitely did at Keepers last Saturday! I usually shop for everything online but it's fun once in a while to swing by such bazaars and interact with the lovely people behind some of the local brands we adore... Doesn't hurt that there are pretty installations including this amazing floral wall, a see-saw and ping pong table too. 🙃 


Our Story

Keepers is a community of creative souls who are passionate about unique designs that tell meaningful stories and quality craftsmanship. We create experiential retail events to show and sell the work of specially selected independent designers, artists and craftsmen across diverse disciplines from fashion to furnishings to food.

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