Our Story

Keepers is a community of creative souls who are passionate about unique designs that tell meaningful stories and quality craftsmanship. We create experiential retail events to show and sell the work of specially selected independent designers, artists and craftsmen across diverse disciplines from fashion to furnishings to food. We create opportunities for you to shop, meet and learn about our craft, and the stories that inspire our work via the talks, workshops and showcases. We create events to featured partners, so there will always be something new for you to discover. We also love connecting talent from different disciplines, because when ideas people come together, we can’t help but be inspired.

If you’re wondering why “Keepers”? A keeper is a person guards or takes care of something or someone. Keepers are also things or people who are valuable and to be cherished. Keepers are not only the designers, artists or craftsmen we spotlight, but the community of people we attract – people who appreciate unique design, quality craftsmanship and understanding the idea behind the work, the craft behind the piece and the unique stories that are not mere products.

If you’re a Keeper too, here’s the key joining the community. We’ll share with you our discoveries, and snag you invites to unique experiences, previews and exclusives that we know you will love.


The Long Story

Keepers was created by Carrie K. in 2011, to grow appreciation and value for craftsmanship and unique designs that tell meaningful stories. Our founder, Carolyn Kan, started her journey as a silversmith in Florence. That experience fueled her with a desire to create the same respect and appreciation for independent designers and craftsmanship in Singapore. She also believes that good design, not only solves a need, but tells meaningful stories. Keepers started as quarterly pop-ups featuring five to six designers and craftsmen selected to fit each new quarterly theme. From that humble beginning, we have brought together and showcased over 200 independent designers, artists and craftsmen. 

Keepers has grown through the word of mouth of the community because everyone leaves each event feeling inspired and invigorated by other like-minded creative souls. We aim to nurture and foster a community of collaborative, creative souls and make independent design accessible, appreciated, valued. And to unlock the creative soul in all of us.


Our History

Nov 2011 KEEPERS 1
Feb 2012 KEEPER 2: Aspects of Love
May 2012 KEEPERS 3: Tailored to Gentlemen
Aug 2012 KEEPERS 4: Flights of Fancy
Nov 2012 KEEPERS 5: A Christmas Story
Feb 2013 KEEPER 6: A Fresh Twist
Jun 2013 KEEPERS 7: Portrait of the New School Gentlemen 
Jun 2013 KEEPERS 8: Singapore Showcase at the Georgetown Festival  
Aug 2013 KEEPERS 9: A Celebration of Unexpected Possibilities
Nov 2013 KEEPERS 10: Christmas from around the world
Apr 2014

KEEPERS HATCHERY (Emerging designer : Gnome & Bow)

KEEPERS 11: Conversations Starters

Aug 2014 KEEPERS 12: The art of storytelling 
Sep 2014 KEEPERS: Singapore Designer Collective (Orchard)
Mar 2015 KEEPERS 13: Fuel the Fire 
Jul 2015 KEEPERS: Singapore Designer Collective (Changi Airport)
Aug 2015 KEEPERS 14: Unleash Your Inner Child
Nov 2015 KEEPERS 15: Playtime
May 2016 KEEPERS 16: Home is where the heart is
Aug 2016 KEEPERS 17: Stories for the Seven Seas
Dec 2016 KEEPERS 18: Christmas Feast