Life at the Bay Silk Square Scarf

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It is only fitting that one of the most famous families in Singapore claims the most famous spot in Singapore as their home. Living a carefree lifestyle, this adorable otter family frolics in the bay water seldom seen by•À_̥ÌÎ_the•À_̥ÌÎ_eyes of unsuspecting tourists,•À_̥ÌÎ_spending•À_̥ÌÎ_their days cavorting•À_̥ÌÎ_under the•À_̥ÌÎ_tropical sun.

And why should•À_̥ÌÎ_they not:•À_̥ÌÎ_when you have SingaporeÌÎ_ÌÎ_̴Ìös most prime•À_̥ÌÎ_view in your front yard and the country's•À_̥ÌÎ_famous world-class•À_̥ÌÎ_clean water to swim in, then life is just good.

115x115cm, Cotton Silk