Find Help for Divorced Dads

Support for divorced dad

Divorced dads often struggle with balancing the fluctuations in their civic roles. Luckily, books, sites, and neighborhood support groups now offer help for divorced dads. This helps guides fathers on the best way to maintain their connections with their children, continue to provide financial support and help them cope with their parents’ divorce.

Support for Divorced Dads

  • Online Support for Divorced Dads

Many non-profit organizations, country or federally-funded agencies, and other groups operate sites that provide information about and access to their assistance services. Based on the company, these services may link users to local institutions or give contact information to the team’s national office.

  • Emotional Support Options

Emotional support groups offer counseling and even legal assistance. The below programs inform divorced mothers regarding the typical impacts of divorce on children, running a family, and managing their connection with their ex-wife.

Help for divorced dad
Help for divorced dad

1. International Association for Marriage and Family Counselors: This class offers counselor and therapist referrals for recently divorced families. Counselors and therapists are experienced in tackling the issues that kids and adults struggle with following a separation or divorce. The service is available nationwide.

2. New Beginnings: This group offers parents currently pursuing a divorce or divorced parents with service groups to go over their difficulties. Groups meet regularly and there’s no fee for attending. Groups are hosted throughout the country.

3. Children’s Rights Council: This non-profit group guides parents concerning handling the most common emotional problems children suffer during or following a divorce.

4. Child Abuse Listening and Instruction (CALM): This institution assists parents who believe they’re at risk for hurting their children. It counsels parents regarding potential coping mechanisms to use during the crisis as well as afterward.

  • Financial Support Options

Supporting children on a single income isn’t simple. Occasionally, divorced parents need to switch to private, state, or federal agencies for help. These groups offer gift cards, low-interest loans, financial counseling, and even grants to assist divorced dads to support their children.

Help for divorced dad
Help for divorced dad

National Resource Network: This group provides financial education planning education to individuals experiencing a serious life event. Recently divorced or separated parents are entitled to the free service. A personal counselor may be assigned to provide assistance, based on the circumstances.

Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant: This national program gives undergraduate school students everywhere between $100-4,000 annually to cover education costs, like books. It frees students with financial need and does not have a maximum age limit. Grants don’t have to be repaid.

The maximum awardable quantity in 2011 was $5,000. Awards do not need to be repaid.

It operates nationwide, but provides information specific to the appropriate state or states.

Health and Human Services Child Care Program: This program gives parents no-cost child care for the time while they are in course or attending a training program. Qualification is determined by if the parents are getting state or federal financial aid or living in public housing.

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